The first lyric video for the song titled “To Teras” – “The Monster” (lyrics by Azat Chelvatzian and music by Ioannis Bairaktaris) is finally ready, thanks to our amazing video producer and editor George Ktistakis.  “To Teras”, as well as “I Agapi Ola ta Nika” (“Love Beats Everything”), also written by Azat and performed by Ioannis, approach the issue of mental health and its various challenges, as well as the means to deal with them.

Azat elaborated on the songs’ titles and shared what it inspired her the most:

 “In the context of IME Project which brings mental health to the foreground, I chose to write two songs opposite to each other; the first one talks about the struggle (“To Teras” – “The Monster”), while the other one (“I Agapi Ola ta Nika” – “Love Beats Everything”) talks about how love can conquer all and help people deal with mental health challenges. However, both songs reflect on the soul’s strength and will for liberation.

The song titled “To Teras” (“The Monster”), refers to the ways depression can affect an individual’s everyday life, by taking the form of a monster. The monster can often take control, making people constantly feel stagnant and scared, unable to fulfill their dreams. In the chorus, the lyricist refers to the daily struggle and how one manages to kill the monster, even temporarily (“ti mera to skotono, ti nixta me nika” – “every day I kill it and every night it beats me”), as well as the wish to be liberated completely. However, the fight will not stop until the individual manages to take control of his/her life again and get back on track.

Finally, through the song “I agapi Ola ta Nika” (“Love Beats Everything”), I wanted to point out the power of love that can work wonders! Love unites, creates and makes people stronger, so they can face the challenges ahead and touch the light. My professional involvement with mental health, as well as various situations I have come across in life, have often given me the chance to feel the therapeutic power that love can offer.”

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