Introspection Music Experience (IME) project brings together musicians and composers with and without psychiatric vulnerabilities from Belgium, England, Greece and Spain. During 3 years, more than ten solo artists and bands will collaborate with composers with experience of mental health challenges in order to create music together and raise awareness about real experiences of mental ill health.

People affected by mental illness have no access to the music sector in order to tell their stories, and the music sector does not have access to experiences, stories and inner worlds of people with FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE OF MENTAL ILL HEALTH. The result is visible in unrealistic songs using a romanticized concept of madness, which fails to reflect the diversity of real experience. IME project seeks to change this by promoting the opening of the music sector to include persons with mental health challenges in the creation process.

IME creates a space for diverse communities to get to know each other, initiate a dialogue, share experiences, and finally, produce bold and authentic artistic expressions to share with the w audience. IME team uses MUSIC AS A VEHICLE TO TALK ABOUT THE REALITY OF LIVING WITH MENTAL ILL HEALTH from a first-hand perspective, and thus contributes to the elimination of the persisting stigma towards mental illness and people living with it.

The musicians will co-create a MUSIC ALBUM, composed of 16 singles that will be soon available under the section IME PLAYLIST of the website.

The album will be promoted through LOCAL CONCERTS in Athens, Brussels, London and Valladolid, as well as through the INTERNATIONAL TOUR with participation of all the musicians collaborating in the project. Detailed information about the concerts will be announced soon.


Selection of a third artist for IME at KAOS!

We were able to select a third artist for IME at KAOS. From our former shortlist we had another look and are very happy to announce that Korneel Muylle will join our team in Belgium!

Korneel Muylle, is a singer-song writer from Bruges who is known from his band Slow Lee. After he studied jazz in Antwerp he started exploring the craftsmanship of building songs. He is inspired by artists like Amos Lee, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello. Sometimes you can touch something with your eyes closed. Purely based on a feeling. There are musicians that hand out hammers, beat them around wildly and want to conquer the world by force. And then there are musicians that silently develop, in the shelter of the day, and release gems at the right time. Korneel belongs to the second category. In his songs, Korneel looks for answers on the less talkable themes in this life.

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Music therapy workshop by Nacho Prada

Nacho Prada, composer, performer and music therapist- the last musician to join the IME team in Spain- has lead a music therapy workshop this week at INTRAS daycare center for people living with chronic mental illness. It was the first contact for most participants with music as a therapy and they enjoyed it very much.

The participatory character of the activities has made the participants feel as real protagonists of the event. Nacho has used music improvisation for the group to interact and communicate with non-verbal language. They played games addressed at exercising cognition and memory processes. Last but not least, the whole group collaborated as a creative team to make music together with others and have fun!

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Mental health on Athen’s music and arts scene

“I don’t remember when I started growing the gardens of my mind, but I’m glad I did.” says Sarah P., one of the musicians of the IME Project. With these words, she introduces us to her photo exhibition Gardens of my Mind that puts a spotlight on mental health and takes its guests on a trip to “the gardens of a mind that – no matter how weary it may be, it’s learned to never censor itself”. And that’s its beauty. The exhibition opened on 10.10.19, during the World’s Mental Health Day, in support of EDRA’s mental health units.

One day after, the IME Project musician Christos Kladas offered an intimate and highly inspirational concert performance at ART4MORE’s festival opening night. This year’s festival focused on untold stories about mental health and these personal narrations were tremendously powerful and influential, addressed at combating stigma. The participating artists made themselves vulnerable by confronting the stigma and telling their real-life stories in the hope that the audience might better understand the challenges of mental health that concern all of us.

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