Music by John Bairaktaris

Lyrics by Azat Helvatzian

Video by George Ktistakis

“To Teras” (“The Monster”), refers to the ways depression can affect an individual’s everyday life, by taking the form of a monster. The monster can often take control, making people constantly feel stagnant and scared, unable to fulfill their dreams. In the chorus, the lyricist refers to the daily struggle and how one manages to kill the monster, even temporarily (“ti mera to skotono, ti nixta me nika” – “every day I kill it and every night it beats me”), as well as the wish to be liberated completely. However, the fight will not stop until the individual manages to take control of his/her life again and get back on track.”



Lyrics: Christina Tsaliki

Music by Katerina Pipili

Video by George Ktistakis

Collateral is a song about our generation, the idea that there is no place or time, just being; a generation living a life with casualties. These thoughts are expressed with an upbeat rhythm, as well as an uplifting tempo in contrast to the lyrics. Leaping from musical to tragedy, the stigma of mental distress and the culture of perpetual, sometimes even ‘’toxic’’ positivity and the denial of negative thoughts or emotions, is a theme of the song.  The unreal and unmet expectations of a generation during the decade of the economic crisis, living a post-traumatic, as well as a pro-traumatic era, still recovering from a national trauma and at the same time adjusting to a new global trauma. However, such circumstances can often lead to resilient bloom and growth.

Music by Nassos Polyzoidis

Lyrics by Christina Tsaliki

Video by George Ktistakis

“A Moveable Feast” is a song about our future and past self, as Plath says “inside me an old woman, inside me a girl”. The main theme is the fear of death, growing old, as well as of the oblivion and the future, essentially the fear of (not) living truly. The song explores how the last existing trail of ourselves can be found in someone’s memory and how our homes operate as personal museums, proving somehow a main theme during the pandemic. The main idea is living each day to the fullest, as if it were our last, as the woman leaving her house prepared to not come back. Partially referring to people suffering from dementia, the song attempts to wake us up, like a dream or an archetypical myth.”