The album was released today on April 7th 2021 on Bandcamp and feature 16 songs produced by musicians from Spain, Belgium and Greece. Listen to it from here:

Twelve groups from Spain, Belgium and Greece participate in the collective album ‘IME’ (Introspection Music Experience), which reflects upon mental health and in which people with mental illness have collaborated as composers. The album was released today (April 7, 2021) on Bandcamp.

The album is the culmination of the European project of the same name, IME, led by INTRAS Foundation and funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. Over three years, these 12 European artists have collaborated closely in creative workshops with people with mental health problems to produce authentic stories, in the form of songs, about the challenges they face on a daily basis about overcoming their discomfort and social integration without stigmas or preconceptions. In summary: IME is an album that fights prejudice with creativity and from collaboration.

With the IME project, a space has been created for emerging musicians and people with mental health problems to meet and share experiences through art, with the double objective of producing unique creations, which could not arise without this specific collaboration, and to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the cultural world.

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