Naïa is a pop-rock band original from Castilla y León (Spain), formed by four musicians: Daniel G. Lagunar (vocals y guitar), Leandro de la Sierra (solo guitar and vocals), Pablo Villar (drums) and Rubén Gómez (bass guitar).

Naïa has produced two LP’s: Polaroids (2014) and Doce (2017), and two EP’s: naïa (2013), and Cuatro (2019). Once the first edition of Polaroids was sold out, the band released their newest LP Doce, an album that supposed a great challenge to the band. Doce was released through a teaser in form of a lyric video of the track Silencio, with collaboration of Sean Marholm. It was followed by Dime, a catchy song produced with participation of many personalities from the Spanish cultural arena, including Iván Ferreiro, Sidecards or La Fuga, famous Spanish bands.

The band has performed in numerous festivals such as Festival Autonómico Territorio Bosco (first prize), FÁCYL Festival (audience award) and FASSE Rueda, where Supersubmarina and Love of Lesbian where also performing. Naïa has had the opportunity to share the stage with bands of such stature as Sidecars, Despistaos, Dinero or Dover. They performed with Dover in the main square of León (Spain), where there were over 5000 people.

Naïa always searches for new challenges to grow as a band and as individuals, and to bring their music a bit further every time, so it can reach more people. Introspection Music Experience project is the newest adventure that will contribute to fulfilling these goals.

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Credit photo: foto Anna Moskalkova