Rober y los Optimistas

Rober y los Optimistas (in English Rober and the Optimists) is a rock band with punk and flamenco influences, original from Valladolid, Spain.

Fifteen years ago, Roberto Sánchez “Rober” proposed to a group of acquainted musicians to form a band. Six musicians form the band: Roberto Sánchez “Rober” (vocals, guitar, and lyrics), Ál Carmona (12 strings guitar, vocals), Alejandro Rivero (electric bass guitar), Juanillo (drums), Jose Luis (guitar, backing vocals), Joselino (drums, harmonica).

The fact that Rober has struggled with mental health problems throughout a big part of his life has influenced his songs. The tracks Rober composes are of a brilliant originality. From the bar to the cosmos, from flamenco to punk… Rober y los Optimistas’ rock walks through unexplored paths of madness. Their songs go from the deep and tender to the wild, always characterized by a genuine coherence and a unique style. Sense of humor is one of the most important ingredients of Rober’s songs, all of which are filled with strong optimism.

Thanks to the very personal and first-hand experience of the band with mental illness, all the members are well aware of the challenges and difficulties persons with mental health problems face every day. This is why the band has joined Introspection Music Experience not only to take some of the best music out to the world but also to take a powerful message to raise awareness among the public, a message of acceptance, inclusion and diversity.

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