Korneel Muylle

Korneel Muylle ia a singer-songwriter from Bruges known from his band Slow Lee. After he studied jazz in Antwerp he started exploring the craftsmanship of building songs. Korneel is inspired by artist like Amos Lee, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello.

Sometimes you can touch something with your eyes closed. Purely based on a feeling. There are musicians that hand out hammers, beat them around wildly and want to conquer the world by force. Then, there are musicians that silently develop, in the shelter of the day, and release gems at the right time. Korneel belongs to the second category.

In his songs, Korneel looks for answers on the less talkable themes in this life. The makeable world turns out not to be as beautiful as suggested.

Listen to Slow Lee’s work: https://vi.be/slowlee




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